While we aim to bring you a relaxing Golf Course, we do have a few course rules we would appreciate you sticking to during your time on The Asta Golf Course.

Out Of Bounds Area

The fence alongside the road.

South end of 5th Fairway.

Outwith the Dyke on the left side of the 8th green.

Ball landing in loch

Ball landing in loch on the 7th tee, next shot placed and played in area marked with blue pegs.

Give way

Golfers playing on the 5th will give way to those playing on the 6th.

Give way to faster moving groups.

Passing Vehicles

Please wait for vehicles to be out of reach before hitting shots. Any damage caused by reckless play will be the responsibility of that player.


Always replace your divots.

Pitch Marks

Please repair your pitch marks on the greens.

Thank you.

Course Rules

The Course 

Our nine hole Golf Course has it's tees switched mid month to give you two very different nine hole courses! 

Our Classic Course, available to play on the first two weeks of each month is identified by Yellow Flags.

It offers a tighter, trickier challenge with a sense of fun and individuality built into every hole.

Our second 9 hold course, Our New Course, is available to play the last two weeks of any given month and is identified by Red Flags.

It offers the chance for the big hitters to let fly with a few less water hazards and a bit more space. 

A practice area is also available on both courses for honing those skills.