Created in 1992 by Jim Leask of Asta; 

the Asta Golf Course is now in it's third generation of owners

with Jim's eldest Son - Michael, the greenskeeper.

For 26 years we have been committed in providing a first class Golf Course which is open 365 days a year and continue to improve our facilities to make Asta Golf Course an pleasurable, relaxing course for all ages and abilities to enjoy.   

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Jim Leask spent his childhood and working life on Asta and decided to design and build the golf course as a retirement project. 

Jim was a keen golfer and would often take his young family along with a few golf balls and clubs onto the arable ground on the farm, the ground we now know as Asta Golf Course! 
On the 18th July 1992 , A local Golfer named Dodie Leask hit

the first ball on the Asta Golf Course and the Current Club house was opened by Jim’s wife; Winnie Leask on the 28th November 1996.

We welcome and suggestions and feedback you may have for the course, you can  Contact us with your suggestions and we welcome any reviews you may have on our trip advisor page. 

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